All you know about hotmail sign in vs other mail services

Gmail is email created by Google, also owns many pages that constantly use today, such as Youtube. For able to use any tool in Google, at least all of its features, you need to have an account of Gmail, which also need to be able to use Google+, among other useful services webmasters. In hotmail now known as Outlook, has been one of the first mail services address in this industry. Because of this, it is easy to realize that Hotmail has always been modified in order to enable its users to enjoy the best upgrades and technological improvements. We can say without fear of mistake with its latest installment, Outlook, they have succeeded in various ways.

gmail vs hotmail

Gmail vs Hotmail: However, these two have never been united, on the contrary, Microsoft knows even spread publicity about using Gmail and use said is very risky because their robots and other persons responsible for the security spy content of e. Logically, this did not please Google, who refuted saying gmail is very safe for all users, as well as being necessary if you want to use Google services. No doubt these two have been created to fight a battle after another to obtain your approval, however the decision on which of these two mail providers is best, is only yours.

Hotmail Log in

To open a hotmail email, first, we must go to the web browser: Click here. You’ll see that on the right side of the left you put “Login” but this is for those who already have an account. On your first visit, you must click on the button you’ll see on the bottom left of the screen: “Register”.

When you click this button, the browser will load the page with the form. Here you have to enter your personal details such as name, surname, date of birth, etc. We recommend using real data because if you lost the account in this way could prove that it’s yours, while using false data if you could lose her forever. However, this depends on the preferences of each, because if you will not use the account for anything important you might prefer not to say your actual data.

After the data you must choose a password. Make sure it’s a difficult to guess password, that does not look anything like your username. Try mixing uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers. Thus malicious users can not easily guessed and no one shall enter in your email without your permission.

When you have finished filling out the entire form you click send, and you have made ​​your account. Now you know how to open hotmail sign in account, so the next step is to log to start watching your emails.

What is Outlook?


Hotmail came to light in 1996 and 1997 and was part of Microsoft. However, as time passed, Hotmail remained behind in Some progress on the network. For example, the mail was unsafe: any email sent from anywhere in the world, even for a robot, you came to the main tray as if it was from someone you know. It was something that made many users stop using the email service. In addition, in an effort to monetize Hotmail, Microsoft established advertising, which was too intrusive. Moreover, most infectious computer files reached by this medium, which is why many people began to feel very unsafe to try to check your inbox. This point is really to answer important.

Another important fact is that when Microsoft released one of its most famous products, Outlook, which had been built into the package OFFICE was the ultimate solution for managing e hotmail. However, having two different services with similar features, many users were confused. With all this and although Microsoft had a team reviewing every detail of Hotmail, the U.S. company decided to take a full turn and forget about all those pesky details Hotmail merge your Outlook program and decided to create In this web service you can manage multiple email accounts from a single, in addition to review multiple things without using any additional software, but you only need a computer, a smartphone or a tablet and a connection to Internet. And you, do you understand what is and outlook? What do you think? I recommend this service runs mail? Feel free to leave your comments.

Hotmail Sign in

It is the home of Hotmail login. As you can see on the left side of the screen is a small presentation of what the Hotmail email, but for users who have not yet registered. As it is not your case since you already have an account, you must focus on the right side of the screen. To log into Hotmail asks two things: your Windows Live user ID (ie, your Hotmail email address) and password. Just write each in its respective box and click on the ” log”. If you want the next sometimes login automatically, ie without having to type each time the username and password, you can choose ed by checking the option “stay logged in”. This will cause your PC to remember your credentials for you, so anytime it automatically enter the introduced without you having to do anything. This option is the most comfortable and most users choose to use in your personal computer.